Monday, 29 June 2015

A 'two strikes' distraction from Mr Burrowes

I see with no surprise at all that David Burrowes is pressing for the early implementation of the ‘two strikes and out’ policy on knife crime.

So that's similar to the US 'three strikes and out' policy which has helped to drive the US prison population to over two million. Disproportionately black, of course.

The US has 25 times as many prisoners as the UK despite having only five times the population. It also has five times the murder rate - not to mention lots of wrongfully convicted prisoners on death row - also disproportionately black.

Now I don't suggest - I don't believe - that David Burrowes would want to bring that here. But every time someone demands tougher sentences they distract us from more useful measures - like addressing causes and restorative justice - that would do more good.

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